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Post: The Yekaterinburg Duma deputy returned from the NVO region, from which he voluntarily left.


The Navy of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is in positions in the special operations zone. archive photo

Yekaterinburg Duma Deputy Zhukov returned from the special operations area, where he went voluntarily.

EKATERINBURG, April 11 – RIA Novosti. The press service of the City Duma to RIA Novosti was told that Timofey Zhukov, deputy of the Yekaterinburg Duma from United Russia and head of the City Drugs fund, returned from the NVO region, where he volunteered at the end of last year.

The fact that Zhukov planned to volunteer for a special operation and was at the assembly point during the exercises became known in November 2022 – information about this was previously confirmed by the RIA Novosti in the City Duma and the deputy’s drug-free City fund. It has been leading the way since 2019. It was announced that Zhukov did not give up his post before being sent to the NVO region and remained as a deputy.

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On Tuesday, a meeting was held in the Yekaterinburg Duma, where deputies considered changes to the city parliament election plan. Before the start of the event, his colleagues greeted Zhukov with applause.

“The Yekaterinburg City Duma deputy returned from the SVO. Timofey Zhukov attended the meeting today. He has been in the special operations zone since the end of last year,” he told the interlocutor agency.

According to local media, Zhukov received a shock from a bullet while performing a combat mission. The deputy was offered to go to the hospital, but at his home in Yekaterinburg he decided to recover.

According to information on the website of the City Duma, Zhukov served in the 28th separate Simferopol motorized rifle brigade and was a sniper. In September 2018, he was elected to the 7th convocation of the City Duma. Previously, Zhukov had voluntarily gone to provide humanitarian assistance to residents of the DPR and LPR.

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