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Post: Foreign Ministry rejects Japanese protest over overflying of Russian and Chinese planes


Russia refuses to protest Japan’s joint flight of Russian plane with China

MOSCOW, May 25 – RIA Novosti. Russia rejected “Japan’s protest” due to the joint flight of Chinese and Russian planes, finding it baseless and absurd in form and content, declaration Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Previously, military aircraft of Russia and China made a joint flight over the Sea of ​​​​Japan and the East China Sea, in connection with which Japan raised its warplanes and sent protests to both countries through diplomatic channels.

“As for the so-called protest, it was rejected by our diplomats on the grounds that it was unfounded and absurd in form and content. At the same time, there was a determined counter-protest in Tokyo about the absurd connection of this exit with a private army. Operation in Ukraine,” he said. In the statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RF.

As the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded, cooperation between the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the People’s Liberation Army of China is an important part of the comprehensive Russian-Chinese strategic partnership. “Regular joint patrols by the long-range aviation forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the PLA Air Force testify to the high level of trust and interaction between the armed forces of the two countries,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. It is conducted in strict accordance with international law and fully meets the objectives of strengthening peace, stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region and the world as a whole.

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have seen the official Tokyo how the Armed Forces of the two countries literally “hold” to these already traditional training events, distorting their goals and content, and even linking them to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. ” statement is over.

“On our part, we have repeatedly warned that we closely monitor the essentially hostile activities of Japan’s current government and reserve the right to take appropriate measures to strengthen our country’s defense capacity,” the statement said.

It is noted that Japan has recently conducted joint military exercises of an unprecedented scale, in line with the path taken by the Fumio Kishida administration to accelerate military-political cooperation with non-regional “outsiders” from the United States and NATO. they openly declare that they are directed against the fictitious “Russian threat”.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Japanese leadership openly declared its desire to join the Anglo-Saxon military-technological bloc AUKUS, examined the prospects for the deployment of American medium-range and shorter-range missiles on the territory of the country and presented a serious challenge to the security of the Russian Federation in the Far East. and other provocative acts that pose a potential threat. “In parallel, a debate arises in the Japanese political establishment, which has apparently forgotten about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedy, about the advisability of Tokyo’s participation in joint nuclear missions with Washington,” the ministry said.

Source: Ria

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