Post: The European Union is investigating a data privacy breach by ChatGBT

The circle of investigations and proceedings of the European Union on the possible violation of the chatbot “GBT” has expanded the data protection legislation, since the competent European authority has established a working group to strengthen European cooperation in this field and two member states. Spain and France have joined Italy in the fight against artificial intelligence technology.

The European Data Protection Council, in charge of coordinating the privacy authorities of the different EU member states, announced the creation of a working group aimed at facilitating the exchange of information on any action that may be taken against GBT Chat.

In its statement, the council said it supports “innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence” but stressed that they must always be “consistent with the rights and freedoms of individuals”.

Shortly after the European announcement, Spain’s data protection authority said it had “opened on its own initiative” an investigation into the US company Open AI, owner of GBT Chat, for its “possible violation of data protection legislation” .

In addition, the French Personal Data Protection Authority decided on Thursday to open a “follow-up procedure” in relation to the “Chat GBT” program.

In late March, Italy became the first country to temporarily ban GBT Chat, with authorities in Rome justifying their decision by citing the program’s violation of personal data laws and the lack of a system to verify the age of minors. customers.

The platform, launched in November, has impressed users with its ability to answer difficult questions clearly and accurately, especially when writing music or coding, and even passing exams.

After Italy’s decision, OpenAI confirmed to AFP that it wants to protect data and respect EU regulations in this regard.

Source: EuroNews

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