Post: Almost all Russians from Khartoum’s “hot spots” are housed in the Russian Embassy.

Smoke in Khartoum, Sudan. archive photo

Russian Ambassador Chernovol: Most Russians in Khartoum were evacuated to the embassy

DOHA, April 23 – RIA Novosti, Yulia Troitskaya. Andrey Chernovol, head of the diplomatic mission, told RIA Novosti that almost all Russians in the war zone in Khartoum were evacuated to the Russian embassy in Sudan.

“The fact is that the hostilities began simultaneously, everywhere and quite actively, and very serious hostilities. We had about six or seven “hot spots”, fortunately, we managed to get people out of there. Russian woman with children in the building of the Nubian Archdiocese. Outside the embassy “This is the last point where our citizens are in a dangerous situation. Everyone in the war zone has been taken to the embassy,” he said. aforementioned.

Diplomats said they were in contact with those in relatively safe places away from lines of contact.

“Everyone was advised not to go out, they all complied,” Chernovol added.

Clashes have been continuing in Sudan since 15 April between the Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) under the command of Mohammed Hamdan Daglo and the regular army. Opposition forces launch a large-scale information war in the media and social networks, exchanging contradictory statements about successes in combat operations and control over objects. On Friday, both sides declared a three-day ceasefire to mark the Eid al-Fitr.

According to Sudan’s health minister, the death toll in the clashes rose to 600. World Health Organization spokesperson Margaret Harris said 413 people were killed and 3,551 injured. According to the Sudanese doctors’ association, 256 civilians have been killed and 1,454 injured since the start of the fighting.

Smoke in Khartoum, Sudan - RIA Novosti, 1920, 22.04.2023

The Sudanese army took control of almost all airports in the country.

Source: Ria

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