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Post: Diplomats try to rescue Russians trapped in a church in Khartoum


Smoke in Khartoum, Sudan. archive photo

Russian Ambassador Chernovol: Hostilities prevent Russians from being expelled from church in Khartoum

DOHA, April 23 – RIA Novosti, Yulia Troitskaya. The Russian Embassy in Sudan is trying to take a Russian woman and child from the Nubian Metropolis building in Khartoum, but has so far been unsuccessful due to conflicts there, Russian Ambassador to Sudan Andrei Chernovol told RIA Novosti.

About a week ago, the Bishop of the Orthodox Church of Alexandria, the Nubian Metropolitan and All Sudan Savva, said that 15 people, including a Russian woman with a child, were blocked in the Nubian Metropolis building in Khartoum, so they could not leave. bombardment

Smoke in Khartoum, Sudan - RIA Novosti, 1920, 22.04.2023

The Sudanese army took control of almost all airports in the country.

ْ As for the Russian woman who has been trapped in the Nubian Metropolis building in Khartoum since the beginning of the conflict, unfortunately we have not been able to get them out yet. We have made more than a dozen rescue attempts so far. attempts have been made from both sides of the contact line. it is on this line of contact and therefore there is a guarantee of getting them out of there alive and healthy until the opportunity arises and we don’t want to take any risks,” said the ambassador.

As the diplomat put it, “it’s safer at the moment for them to stay outside the walls of the metropolis, but attempts to get them out of there are made every day and will continue.”

Residential buildings damaged during the fighting in Khartoum, Sudan - RIA Novosti, 1920, 23.04.2023

Russian Embassy accepts about 140 applications for evacuation from Sudan

Source: Ria

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