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Post: Cases of preventing terrorist attacks in Russia in 2023



April 26 The FSB Center for Public Relations announced the arrest of a Russian citizen who planned to carry out a terrorist attack on the Defense Ministry Naval Clinical Hospital in Simferopol. During the search, it was recorded that “an improvised explosive device with striking elements in the form of nails, as well as an improvised incendiary explosive device” was seized from him.

April 20 The FSB of the Russian Federation announced that a supporter of ISIS * (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), who planned a terrorist attack in a public place at the instruction of foreign curators, was arrested in the city of Mineralnye Vody (Stavropol Territory). . A search of his residence found components and damaging elements for the manufacture of an improvised explosive device from the detainee, as well as means of covert communication with representatives of IS in the Middle East (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). The attacker was detained by special service workers while investigating the situation before a crime was committed.

February 17 The FSB Center for Public Relations reported that two supporters of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (an international terrorist organization banned in Russia) were liquidated, who were preparing a terrorist attack at a chemical factory in the Kaluga region. According to the Ministry, the liquidated terrorists were natives of the republics of the Central Asian region, they planned to blow up the tanks with fuel and lubricants using an improvised explosive device and incendiary mixtures. During the arrest, they put up armed resistance and were mortally wounded. There was no loss of life among the security forces, and the civilian population was not injured. It was noted that the attackers wanted to go to the armed conflict zone in Syria after the murder. Containers with incendiary mixture, firearms and ammunition were found at the terrorists’ residence, along with a laboratory for the production of explosives, as well as a ready-to-use high-powered improvised explosive device.

February 8 During a special operation in the Stavropol Territory, four bandits who were planning to commit a terrorist act at the regional train station were neutralized. According to the National Counter-Terrorism Committee, the bandits who were blocked at home were offered to lay down their arms and surrender to the authorities. In response, they opened fire on law enforcement and had to be neutralized. It was noted that residents of nearby houses were evacuated to exclude possible victims. According to law enforcement officials, an investigation at the scene of the conflict found a machine gun, a pistol and two hand-made explosives, one of which was blown up by terrorists. According to security officials, the militants were involved in “terrorist activities of a Ukrainian paramilitary nationalist formation”. What exactly was not specified.

January 23 The FSB of the Russian Federation announced that a terrorist attack was prevented in the North Caucasus, which a supporter of Ukrainian nationalists wanted to carry out on the orders of the Kiev special services. According to the statement made by the police, a “ready-to-use terrorist vehicle” was seized on the suspect during a search of his residence. In the video released by the FSB, the person involved in the incident states that he will attack the police. The detainee is a citizen of Russia. Exactly where the attack was planned was not disclosed.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia

The material has been prepared based on information from RIA Novosti and open sources.

Source: Ria

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