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Post: The United States was accused of committing genocide against the Ukrainian people in Crimea.


USA flag on Independence Square in Kiev. archive photo

The Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Konstantinov accused the United States of committing genocide against the Ukrainian people.

SIMFEROPOL, April 30 – RIA Novosti. The head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, described the US policy towards Ukraine as a genocide against the Ukrainian people.

“The United States is pursuing a policy of genocide against the Ukrainian people. Their ultimate goal is to kill the Ukrainian people so that the corruption will take place fully. For the West, this is not some kind of red line, not even a guarantee. This is a very real goal of the West, if not its main goal, ” said.

Entry is prohibited and the flag of Ukraine - RIA Novosti, 1920, 24.04.2023

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According to him, the United States understands that “the current illusion that allows the Ukrainians to be set up against the Russians, against Russia” will soon pass, and then the “residents of the former Ukraine” and the inhabitants of the Russian Federation will reunite.

“But for now, these people, under the guise of the West, and en masse, meekly go to slaughter. And their West does not intend to pity them or spare them, but acts with them on the principle: “Then don’t understand you. Speaking about the situation in Ukraine, the interlocutor of the agency emphasized “to everyone”.

Konstantinov stressed that the current Kiev authorities are “overwhelmed by one problem – responsibility to their bosses.”

“Nothing else worries them. Neither the state of the country, nor the devastated lands where a normal life is no longer possible. For this country with enormous debts, the best way out at the moment is the liquidation of the current Ukraine state, followed by the write-off of the deceased’s debts. As long as it is, Zelensky’s gang would also be satisfied if they are allowed to quietly hoard abroad in a faraway place to use the money stolen from the fragmentation of Ukraine.” said Konstantinov.

View of the New Jersey harbor and the Statue of Liberty in New York - RIA Novosti, 1920, 24.04.2023

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