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Post: Israeli army attacks Hamas infrastructure


Smoke rises after Israel’s airstrikes on the Hamas military camp in Gaza. archive photo

The Israeli army has reported attacks on the military infrastructure of the Hamas group.

MOSCOW, May 3 – RIA Novosti. The Israeli army reported that it carried out attacks on the military infrastructure of the Palestinian group Hamas, and that the attacks were carried out in response to rockets launched from the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, the military reported that several dozen rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into the south of the country. Ambulance service reported that at least three people were injured.

Gaza Strip - RIA Novosti, 1920, 04/07/2023

Hamas announces air defense efforts against Israeli planes in the Gaza Strip

“Fighters … attacked the military checkpoint, weapons depot, weapons production site and training center belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas. At the same time, two weapons production facilities, a cement factory belonging to the Hamas weapons production headquarters, are used by the Hamas terrorist organization to protect its infrastructure, A military post used by the Hamas naval wing and an underground terror tunnel in the south of the Gaza Strip.

Source: Ria

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