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Post: Crimean authorities: air defense system worked in the north of the peninsula


Kryuchkov, adviser to the president of Crimea: an air defense system exploded in the north of the peninsula

MOSCOW, May 6/ Radio Sputnik. Information policy adviser to the president of the republic, Oleg Kryuchkov, said that the air defense system (air defense) works in the north of Crimea.

“An air defense system exploded in northern Crimea. No loss of life or destruction” – Wrote He is on his Telegram channel.

On Wednesday, May 3, Crimean President Sergey Aksyonov knowledgeablethat air defense forces are operating successfully in the southeast of the peninsula.

Oleg Kryuchkov announced that air defense systems shot down two offensive drones in the sky over the peninsula. There was no loss of life or damage as a result of the attack.

Earlier, Sputnik radio talked about the situation near the Kremlin after the drone attack.

Moscow Kremlin.  Senate Dome and Senate Tower - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/05/2023

Dome of Kremlin Senate Palace restored after drone attack

A lot telegraph channelThere is no one like us. It is for those who want to draw their own conclusions.

Source: Ria

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