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Post: American media: Ukraine will not be able to hit Crimea even if it wants to


MWM: Ukraine Cannot Hit Grom-2 Missiles in Crimea Due to Russia’s Strong Air Defense

MOSCOW, May 10/ Radio Sputnik. American Military Watch Magazine writes that Ukraine cannot attack Crimea because of Russia’s powerful S-400 air defense system protecting the peninsula.

Entering service in the mid-2010s after numerous delays, the Grom-2 is a relatively standard ballistic missile for the 21st century. or the possibility of maneuvering in flight”, – opens Excerpt from the RIA Novosti article.

It is noted that Ukrainian ballistic missiles are vulnerable to modern Russian air defense systems.

The publication reminds that the sky over the peninsula is protected not only by the S-400, but also by the S-300PM and Pantsir, as well as Iskander ballistic missiles, Bastion cruise missiles and three regiments of warplanes.

Radio Sputnik also reported that more than 10 UAF drones tried to attack Crimea and Sevastopol but were destroyed.

View of Balaklava Bay in Crimea - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/06/2023

Ukraine complains about Western calls to leave Crimea

A lot telegraph channelThere is no one like us. It is for those who want to draw their own conclusions.

Source: Ria

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