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Post: Ukrainian woman arrested for passing data on the positions of the Vostok group


The FSB detained a Ukrainian woman who conveyed information about the Russian military group “Vostok”.

MOSCOW, May 16 – RIA Novosti. The Public Relations Center of the special services said in a statement that FSB officers arrested a citizen of Ukraine who leaked information about the objects and locations of the Vostok troops.

“During the operational search activities, the espionage activities of a 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen were uncovered and suppressed. The statement reads, “Positions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”

During the search, technical equipment was seized, in which they found data on the location and activities of the Vostok group, which participated in a special military operation in the Kiev region.

The FSB noted that the transfer of this information was used against Russia.

A lawsuit was filed against the detainee on charges of espionage. He is now under arrest.

A person was detained for transferring a video of military equipment in Crimea to Kiev

Source: Ria

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