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Post: Faroe Islands want to restrict access of Russian ships to ports


Gasadalur village, Faroe Islands. archive photo

The Faroe Islands have announced their intention to restrict the access of Russian ships to their ports.

MOSCOW, June 1 – RIA Novosti. The Faroe Islands, which are autonomously part of Denmark, plan to restrict Russian ships’ access to their ports and resolve a possible withdrawal from the fishing agreement with the Russian Federation by September. Danish radio Referring to the Lagman of the Faroe Islands Axel Johannesen.

“The Faroe Islands will restrict access to Russian ships capable of anchoring in Faroese ports and transposing their catches… By September, the government will decide whether to renew the valuable and controversial fishing agreement with Russia,” the radio said. At the same time, details on the intentions of the Faroe Islands officials were not provided.

According to Danish Radio, restrictions on Russia will mean that Russian ships can handle much less cargo than they do today. It is noted that recently, Russian ships have loaded about 400 tons of cargo into Faroe ports.

In early May, Russian Ambassador to Copenhagen, Vladimir Barbin, apprehended a number of Danish politicians and media in an attempt to disrupt fisheries cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Faroe Islands.

According to the agreement signed between the Russian Federation and the Faroe Islands, Russia gives the Faroe Islands a fishing quota in the Barents Sea, while the Russian side gets the opportunity to fish in the Faroe waters and reload the catch in the Faroe ports. . In 1977, an agreement on mutual relations in the field of fisheries was signed between the USSR and the Faroe Islands.

Sea port in Dudinka - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29.05.2023

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