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Post: State Duma called Zelensky’s “peace formula” a utopia


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. archive photo

State Duma deputy Sheremet described Zelensky’s “peace formula” as a utopia

SIMFEROPOL, June 2 – RIA Novosti. State Duma deputy Mikhail Sheremet from the Crimea region described the so-called “peace formula” used by Vladimir Zelensky to resolve the conflict in Ukraine as a utopia.

Earlier, Zelensky said at a press conference at the second summit of the European Political Community in Chisinau that resolving the conflict in Ukraine can only be the basis of the Ukrainian “peace formula”.

“First, the so-called “peace formula” proposed by the bloody dictator Zelensky is a utopia, and secondly, it has nothing to do with the desire to restore peace in Ukraine, but on the contrary, aims to draw the country in. Sheremet said, “Once again, Zelensky, “It spit on the opinions of people who live in liberated areas and don’t want to have anything to do with Ukraine,” he said.

According to him, Russia will be content with the “peace formula” that will lead to the complete disarmament and disarmament of the current regime in Ukraine.

“I think Zelensky is trying to pacify his vigilance with such statements and buy time to compensate for the enormous losses in manpower and equipment. Yes, and in matters of its future Ukraine has not played any role for a long time and there is no voice, all the strings and levers of control Anglo who bought them. “It reaches out to the Saxons,” he said.

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In November 2022, Zelensky said that Kiev has its own “peace plan” consisting of 10 points. Among them – ensuring nuclear, food and energy security, the exchange of “held persons” according to the formula “all for all”, the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Zelenskiy reminded once again that Kiev insisted on providing him with international security guarantees and developed a draft of the relevant document. He added that Kiev wants to ensure the creation of an international mechanism to compensate for losses from hostilities at the expense of Russian assets.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is ready for negotiations, but Kiev has banned them at the legislative level. The West constantly calls on the Russian Federation to negotiate, Moscow seems ready for it, but at the same time the West ignores Kiev’s constant refusal to negotiate. Earlier, the Kremlin stated that there are no prerequisites for the situation in Ukraine to take a peaceful course, that the absolute priority for Russia is to achieve the goals of special operations, at the moment this is only possible by military means. They added that the Russian Federation appreciates the efforts of all countries trying to resolve the conflict in Ukraine peacefully, but that this has been impossible so far. As noted by the Kremlin, if the actual situation and new realities are taken into account, if all Moscow’s demands are well known, the situation in Ukraine can move in a peaceful direction.

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