Post: Ukrainians quarrel with taxi drivers in Austria

police in vienna

Osterreich: In Vienna, a Ukrainian got into a fight with taxi drivers over crowded parking lot

MOSCOW, May 28 – RIA Novosti. According to the news of an Austrian newspaper, a mass brawl broke out in the center of Vienna between men in cars with Ukrainian numbers and local taxi drivers. Österreich.

The incident occurred near the Bristol Hotel at noon on Wednesday.

The newspaper obtained a video of the attack. The footage shows a group of men brutally beating two taxi drivers and then getting into cars with Ukrainian numbers and fleeing the scene.

The material, which is claimed to have shocked passers-by, called the police by giving first aid to the injured taxi drivers. Two Austrians were also injured in the fight. One of the injured lost consciousness and was hospitalized with suspected serious head injury.

Osterreich states that the police are looking for a Ukrainian citizen. The cause of the fight is thought to be a parking dispute.

Source: Ria

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