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Post: Organized distribution of water and medicine for residents of Shebekinsky district


Smoke on the street in Shebekino. archive photo

They organized the supply of water and medicine for residents of the Shebekinsky urban district.

BELGOROD, June 4 – RIA Novosti. The district administration told reporters that the supply of water and medicine is organized for residents staying in the Shebekinsky urban district.

“The water supply was organized in the Shebekinsky District, including bottled water, medicines and rations,” the administration said.

Earlier, the head of the administration of the Shebekino urban district, Vladimir Zhdanov, reported on the Telegram channel that the authorities will organize the distribution of water and medicine for the remaining residents in Shebekino and its environs. It is also planned to open a number of sales points according to him.

Since February 24, 2022, the Belgorod region has been regularly bombed by Ukraine. A high (yellow) terrorist threat has been in effect throughout the region since April 11, 2022. Especially frequent attacks of the Ukrainian army on the border areas – Shebekinsky and Grayvoronsky.

The Shebekinsky district suffered a fierce attack last Thursday night, the shelling is repeated regularly. People began to leave the city of Shebekino and its environs en masse.

Consequences of the Shebekino bombardment

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Source: Ria

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