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Post: Ukrainian T-64 tanks will be modernized in the Czech Republic


Tank T-64 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. archive photo

Czech company VOP CZ will modernize Ukrainian T-64 tanks

MOSCOW, June 6 – RIA Novosti. Czech firm VOP CZ, which manufactures and maintains armored vehicles, will modernize an “unnamed for safety reasons” number of Ukrainian T-64 tanks, the company’s director, Mark Shpok, said on Tuesday.

“The tanks will be equipped with optical surveillance devices, modern means of communication, etc,” Shpok told ChTK news agency. According to the operations manager, the tanks have been in storage for decades. Cars need a serious overhaul.

Ukrainian soldiers with the French howitzer CAESAR - RIA Novosti, 1920, 24.05.2023

Czech gunsmiths announced an unprecedented demand due to the conflict in Ukraine

The agreement between VOP CZ and Ukroboronprom was signed on 8 February this year. Cooperation provides cooperation in the field of production of military equipment, increase in the production of ammunition of various calibers, development of service centers for maintenance and repair, and high technologies.

On November 18, Ukroboronprom announced that it would jointly manufacture and develop heavy weapons and military equipment with at least six NATO countries, primarily Poland, the Czech Republic, France and Denmark. The state concern noted that they established joint defense enterprises, built closed-circuit ammunition production lines, jointly produced armored vehicles and multiple launch rocket systems, and jointly developed new high-tech weapons.

Russia had previously sent a note to NATO countries for arms supplies to Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that any cargo containing weapons for Ukraine would become a legitimate target for Russia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that NATO countries were “playing with fire” by supplying weapons to Ukraine. The Kremlin stated that pumping weapons into Ukraine from the West did not contribute to the success of the Russia-Ukraine negotiations and would have a negative impact. Lavrov also noted that the United States and NATO are directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine, “including not only the supply of weapons, but also the training of personnel … in Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries.”

Anti-aircraft missile system 2K12 Kub - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/10/2023

The Czech Republic will give Ukraine two anti-aircraft missile systems “Cube”

Source: Ria

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