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Post: Dodon says Moldova’s exit from CIS will kill country’s economy


Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon. archive photo

Dodon: Cancellation of agreements within the CIS will be a fatal blow to Moldovan economy

KISINEV, 7 June – RIA Novosti. Moldova’s withdrawal from the agreements signed within the framework of the CIS would have a detrimental effect on its economy, Moldova’s former president and Socialist Party leader Igor Dodon said on Wednesday.

Since last year, the Moldovan authorities have been talking about the need to terminate a number of agreements signed within the CIS. To date, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the termination of three agreements: an agreement on the unhindered work of the Mir Interstate Television and Radio Company in the republic, an agreement on the exchange of information on the protection of the external borders of the CIS, the general supply of goods between the member states, as well as organizations of the CIS member states. an agreement on terms. In addition, members of the parliamentary commission on foreign policy and European integration approved the termination of agreements on strategic armed forces and cooperation in the field of prevention and elimination of natural and man-made emergencies. The ministries plan to analyze all agreements with the CIS and denounce those that have become “ineffective”, hoping to replace them with bilateral agreements with Commonwealth member states. In addition, by order of the leader of the ruling Action and Solidarity party, Igor Grosu, the Council of Ministers will prepare a bill on the withdrawal of Moldova from the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly.

Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Zakharova accuses Moldova of hypocrisy on the CIS

“The cancellation of the agreements with the CIS, the Moldovan economy, agriculture, industry, etc. them,” said the politician, on the air of the Exlusiv TV channel.

Dodon believes that the way out of the economic crisis may be to expand cooperation with Russia, which official Chisinau is currently avoiding.

“In this case, on the contrary, it would be right to agree on free exports to Russia, and to try to procure our goods both from there and from there, as Georgia did under the conditions when the West imposes sanctions on the Russian Federation. For example,” said the leader of the socialists. .

Symbols of the European Union - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06/05/2023

Sanctions will eventually kill the economy. the question is whose

Dodon criticized the words of the President of Moldova that the agreements with the CIS are ineffective in the current conditions Chisinau is turning towards the EU.

“The statements that the agreements with the CIS should be canceled because it is against Moldova’s European integration are false. The statements that these agreements should be canceled because they do not work are an even bigger lie,” he said.

More than half of Moldovans oppose the country’s exit from the CIS, according to a survey published in mid-March by the Republic’s Institute for Marketing and Sociological Studies (IMAS). In addition, according to the survey results, the vast majority of Moldovans are in favor of maintaining economic, political and cultural ties with the Russian Federation. Also, many citizens are dissatisfied with their standard of living and believe that the country’s government is responsible for raising gas and electricity prices.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu at a press conference in Chisinau - RIA Novosti, 1920, 24.05.2023

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