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Post: Trainers talked about training volunteers at LPR


Soldiers of the Air Force unit during the training of assault groups at the training ground in the southern region of the NVO. archive photo

The trainers talked about how the volunteers before the SVO received long-term training in LPR.

LUGANSK, June 8 – RIA Novosti. Volunteers arriving at the site of special military operations undergo long-term training at the training grounds in the LPR – they are taught not only about fire, but also about engineering, the instructors who work with them, mine explosives and tactical medicine.

“Men often ask what else is worth fearing (minefields – ed.), what can be disabled, cleared, and how to get around such obstacles and traps,” an engineering education instructor told reporters.

According to an RIA Novosti correspondent, a significant emphasis is placed on detonating mines so that volunteers can protect themselves as much as possible during combat, as the enemy uses a wide variety of mines and explosive devices.

Source: Ria

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