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Post: The Russian Armed Forces destroyed more than 50 armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in two directions.


Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces in the NVO region. archive photo

Ministry of Defense: troops in both directions destroyed more than 50 Ukrainian armored vehicles

MOSCOW, June 9 – RIA Novosti. The head of the group’s press center, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Chekhov, told RIA Novosti that the troops of the Russian “Vostok” unit group destroyed more than 50 armored vehicles belonging to Ukraine, including 21 tanks in both directions, in the special operations zone.

“Vostok force group units in the South-Donetsk direction with the support of artillery and aviation inflicted fire damage on the enemy. Eight tanks, 17 armored vehicles and nationalist manpower were destroyed. Air defense systems shot down two UAVs. Furia type and two Leleka type UAVs,” he said.

He stated that “in the Zaporozhye direction, up to 13 tanks, ten infantry fighting vehicles, six armored vehicles and the enemy’s manpower were destroyed.”

According to Chekhov, during the counter-battery fight, the army destroyed two artillery guns belonging to the Ukrainian troops in the Stepnogorsk region and a mortar crew in the Kamensky region.

Attack helicopter Ka-52 at the site of a special military operation - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06/09/2023

Source: Ka-52 helicopter broke the record for spraying missiles in the NVO region

The head of the press center noted that the military personnel of the Vostok group showed courage and heroism when performing their combat duties.

“The weapons commander of the self-propelled artillery detachment of the motorized rifle brigade of the group, senior sergeant Evgeny Poseryugin, carried out a combat mission in the Berezovoe settlement to hit targets while under fire from the enemy ,” added the officer.

As a result of authoritative actions, the calculation of the weapon under the command of senior sergeant Poseryugin destroyed the crew of a mortar, two MTLB, two platoon forts and a grenade launcher of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Soldier of the rapid response group in the NVO region - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06/08/2023

The Ministry of Defense spoke about the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine when trying to attack.

Source: Ria

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