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Post: Putin proposes to introduce uniform educational standards in the EAEU


Russian President Vladimir Putin. archive photo

Russian President Putin proposed introducing uniform educational standards and principles in the EAEU

SOCI, 9 June – RIA Novosti. In order not to be told about the assumptions of 50 years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to introduce common educational principles and standards in the EEU and CIS countries, but to think without returning to the Soviet system.

Putin invited representatives of the EAEU countries to think about introducing common educational principles and standards, coordinating scientific programs, unifying requirements for professions and creating unified textbooks in technical and other disciplines.

“I emphasize once again that this does not mean that we should all come back from the Soviet Union and go back to the Soviet education system and talk there again some postulates of 30-50 years ago. “Take the best and create our own.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06/09/2023

Putin calls for strengthening the technological dominance of the CIS and EAEU

Source: Ria

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