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Post: The head of the Colombian Ministry of Defense showed a photo of children who survived a plane crash.


Four children found alive in Colombia – passengers of Cessna 206 that crashed in May

Colombian Defense Minister Velázquez shared photos of children who survived the plane crash

MOSCOW, June 10 – RIA Novosti. Ivan Velazquez, head of the Colombian Ministry of Defense, shared a post on the social network. twitter New photos of children who spent 40 days in the woods after a plane crash and those who found them.

In the photos, children are wrapped in special blankets. It can be seen from the photos that the children are very weak. The youngest is held in his arms by a soldier, while the other three sit on blankets laid on the floor.

Forest - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06/10/2023

Children survived 40-day plane crash in Colombia

On his Twitter page, the minister said, “From Operation Hope to Operation Miracle. Huge congratulations to the Colombian armed forces and to everyone who has not lost hope and worked day and night to make this miracle possible.”

He also expressed his gratitude to representatives of the indigenous communities of Sion and Araraquara, saying that their role in finding children has become crucial.

Earlier, Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed that four children who were passengers of the Cessna 206 plane that crashed in May and spent 40 days in the forest were found alive.

On Saturday, the local newspaper Tiempo reported that the children had been found alive, citing military sources. According to the publication, children are dehydrated and suffer from insect bites.

Previously, local media had reported that the children were 13, nine, four and one years old. According to sources, the children were found by soldiers and locals.

Earlier, Colombian President Gustavo Petro reported that the Colombian armed forces found four children alive in the jungle of the Caqueta department, flying passengers in a crashed Cessna 206. it was not approved.

A Cessna 206 flying from Araraquara to San José del Guaviare in the Caqueta department in the south of the country reported engine failure and sounded the alarm on May 1. It was discovered after more than 370 hours of searching. The pilot’s body was on the plane, but six passengers, four of whom were minors, were not in the cabin or near the plane. According to Tiempo, the two bodies later found belonged to co-pilot Herman Mendoza and passenger, mother of four, Magdalena Mukutui.

Airplane in the sky - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06.02.2021

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