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Monkey deaths have been reported in African countries.


Congolese health officials announced that 9 people died from the ape plague in 2022, while Nigeria recorded its first death from the disease, with at least 20 countries continuing to face a sudden spread that had not occurred in years. .

The head of Congo’s Sangoro health department, Aime Alongo, said on Monday that 465 cases of the disease have been confirmed in the country, making it one of the hardest-hit regions in West and Central Africa where the disease is spreading.

He added that the disease continues in Congo due to the consumption of dead monkeys and rodents.

He also said that “the population is entering the forest and collecting the corpses of monkeys, bats and rodents, which are considered reservoirs of monkey flowers” ​​and appealed to people with symptoms of the disease to go to medical centers in isolation.

Meanwhile, according to the Disease Control Authority, Nigeria recorded its first monkey flower death this year in a patient who had chronic health conditions.

And the Nigerian Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced Sunday that in 2022, 21 out of 66 suspected cases were confirmed to be infected with the disease, which usually spreads in an epidemic fashion in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.

The Nigerian Center added: “The death of a 40-year-old patient suffering from other illnesses and taking immunosuppressive drugs has been reported.”

Nigeria has not had a monkey epidemic since September 2017, but it continues to report sporadic cases of the disease.

According to the center, at least 247 people have been diagnosed with the disease in 22 of the 36 states, with a fatality rate of 3.6%.

A spike in monkey cases has been reported in Europe and the United States, raising fears among residents of countries where most have not had a single case of the disease in years.

Source: Al Ittihad



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