Post: The media wrote that the USA sent troops to Syria, hiding behind the so-called threat of Russia

PKK flag. archive photo

Yeni Şafak: The USA is hiding behind the ‘Russian threat’ rhetoric to protect the PKK in Syria

ANKARA, 18 July – RIA Novosti. The newspaper writes that the US has sent 2,500 soldiers and military equipment to the region in northern Syria to protect the militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which is banned in Turkey. New Dawn.

“While Turkey continues its relentless struggle against the PKK, the United States, which is the patron of this terrorist organization, is taking scandalous steps one after another. At the NATO summit held last week (in Vilnius), it was announced that the Washington administration attacked the PKK. It had made a commitment against terrorism, the PKK” While it has been announced that the soldiers will be deployed in northern Syria and Iraq, it has been learned that the US has been carrying out serious fortifications in this region recently. In order to secure the PKK, the publication writes.

The newspaper draws attention to the fact that the USA, hiding behind the rhetoric of “persecution and threats” from Russia and Iran, sent dozens of trucks with military equipment to the region.

“In this context, the Washington administration has deployed HIMARS missile systems in Deir ez-Zor, which is occupied by the PKK. Syrian state television, citing sources in the region, reported that the HIMARS system has reached the Deir ez-Zor region. Last week, a 60 truckload of fuel, logistics and military equipment was deployed. A convoy of 40 trucks loaded with military equipment and heavy weapons was transferred to the US base in Haseke, another PKK-occupied region, last week, and 2,500 soldiers are expected to be deployed to the PKK-occupied region on the Iraqi border.

The armed conflict with the Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey started in 1984 and resumed in 2015. There are PKK bases in Northern Iraq where the Turkish Armed Forces conduct air and ground operations. The presence of the Turkish military in the Zlikan camp northeast of Mosul has long been a source of controversy between Baghdad and Ankara, justifying its presence as a need to fight the banned PKK in Turkey.

American army at a base in Syria - RIA Novosti, 1920, 17.07.2023

The drones of the US “coalition” violated the non-conflict protocols in Syria ten times

Source: Ria

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