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Post: Media: Nearly 500 Israeli reservists refuse to serve in protest


Participants at the rally in Tel Aviv. archive photo

Israel Times: Nearly 500 reservists announce suspension of service in Israel

MOSCOW, July 23 – RIA Novosti. About 500 reservists from the Israel Defense Intelligence Agency announced the suspension of the reserve service to protest the Israeli government’s judicial reform. Israeli times.

“About 500 first-line reservists of the Military Intelligence Directorate issued a letter announcing the suspension of voluntary reserve service to protest the government’s plans for judicial reform,” the publication said.

The reservists have suspended their service “until further notice,” according to the publication.

“Despite repeated calls for negotiation and joint agreement on the issues under review, unfortunately not only have the negotiations at the Presidential residence failed, but the government continues to push for the coup more aggressively,” the letter said.

According to the publication, 904 reservists signed the letter, but only 487 of them appear to be generally in service.

Earlier, state television Kan reported that hundreds of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reserve pilots are planning to terminate their reserve services to protest the continuation of judicial reform.

On Saturday, an RIA Novosti correspondent reported that tens of thousands of protesters against the Israeli government’s judicial reform were marching towards the parliament building (Knesset) in Jerusalem as part of a “march for democracy”.

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Protest organizers announced that there will be demonstrations in 150 locations across Israel on Saturday. A large rally with thousands of people will also be held on Kaplan Street in the center of Tel Aviv. Opponents of judicial reform have been protesting across the country for 29 weeks in a row.

Amid a stalemate between the ruling coalition and the opposition seeking compromise on reforming the legal system, which, in the view of their opponents, would undermine the democratic nature of the Jewish state, protest activities in the country have intensified significantly.

On Wednesday, Israel’s parliament’s legislative committee approved changes to an earlier first-reading bill on the “reasonability factor” that limits the Supreme Court’s ability to oversee executive decisions. This move marks the practical beginning of the judicial reform carried out unilaterally by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

Israelis clash with police as they protest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to overhaul the judiciary outside the parliament building in Jerusalem - RIA Novosti, 1920, 19.07.2023

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