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Post: Minister of Justice to serve as Israeli Prime Minister on an interim basis


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. archive photo

If Netanyahu gets a pacemaker, Justice Minister will take over as prime minister

TEL AVIV, 23 July – RIA Novosti. The Israeli prime minister’s office said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will undergo pacemaker surgery, while Israeli Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Yariv Levin will serve as interim prime minister.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu will undergo a procedure under sedation. Currently, the duties of the head of government will be assigned to Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister Yariv Levin,” the report said.

Earlier, the prime minister’s office reported on Sunday night that Netanyahu will undergo an operation to install a pacemaker at the Sheba center of Tel Hashomer hospital in the Tel Aviv suburbs.

Last Saturday, Netanyahu arrived at the emergency room of Sheba Hospital in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, where he was fitted with a device to monitor his heart rate. The prime minister came to the hospital on suspicion of thirst, and doctors confirmed the diagnosis after a series of tests.

Netanyahu’s treatment comes amid mass nationwide protests against judicial reform promoted by his government. On Saturday, they reached unprecedented proportions. Protest organizers estimate that 550,000 Israelis marched across the country, with more than 200,000 taking to the streets in Tel Aviv and 100,000 Israelis marching to the parliament building in Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - RIA Novosti, 1920, 16.07.2023

Netanyahu fitted with a heart rate monitor

Source: Ria

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