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Post: A ship of the Baltic Fleet fired “Caliber” in the White Sea


Small rocket ship of project 21631 “Serpukhov”. Archive photo

Ministry of Defense: The ship “Serpukhov” hit the coastal target at the training ground with “Caliber”

MOSCOW, September 19 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Baltic Fleet’s small missile ship “Serpukhov” in the White Sea fired a “Caliber” cruise missile at the coastal target in the “Chizha” training area, and the missile successfully hit the coastal target.

“As part of the planned combat training of the Baltic Fleet forces, the small missile ship Serpukhov in the White Sea successfully fired a cruise missile from the sea-based Kalibr complex at a coastal target at the Chizha training range. “Target control means that the high-precision cruise missile successfully hits the coastal target,” he said. They explained that the ship’s crew entered the sea areas of the Northern Fleet to complete the mission.

The missile launch was preceded by an inter-sea passage through the Baltic Sea to the Gulf of Finland, then along inland waterways to the White Sea via the Neva, Lake Ladoga and the White Sea-Baltic Canal. While in the Northern Fleet, Serpukhov made a telephone call to Severodvinsk.

The Russian Ministry of Defense added that the ship’s crew traveled more than 3,300 nautical miles in total.

Su-27 fighters - RIA Novosti, 1920, 15.09.2023

Baltic Fleet aviation carried out missile and bomb attacks

Source: Ria

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