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Post: Forever. The media revealed the terrible US plan against Ukraine


A Ukrainian soldier launches a drone. Archive photo

Fox News: US has turned conflict in Ukraine into eternal war

MOSCOW, October 3 – RIA Novosti. The United States has turned the armed conflict in Ukraine into a new “endless war”, he writes Fox News.

“Ukraine has officially become America’s new endless war,” the document states.

Journalists pointed out that Ukraine has now become a new obsession for the White House and that it can be used for their own purposes, and noted that the United States and other Western countries expect the conflict with Russia to continue for a few more years.

Observers emphasized that the Joe Biden administration is repeating the same scenario carried out by the administrations of previous American presidents, who conducted military operations in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

The authors of the material think that this scenario, in which no victory is achieved and billions of dollars are wasted, can also be repeated.

Journalists noted that “the billions of money coming from the United States to the Ukrainian government in the form of ‘economic support’, long-term security guarantees and restoration work that has already begun cannot but evoke a feeling of deja vu.”

Politico previously reported that the United States would announce a new aid package to Ukraine this week.

On Sunday, it was learned that US President Joe Biden signed a law approved by Congress that will continue to fund the government for a 45-day period until November 17. At the same time, the law does not provide for the allocation of funds for the needs of Ukraine.

Ukrainian military personnel - RIA Novosti, 1920, 10/03/2023

“Lots of victims.” The media revealed what Russia was doing with the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Source: Ria

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