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Post: Jerusalem police arrest five Jews for spitting on Christians


Israeli Police. Archive photo

Jerusalem Regional Police Arrests 5 Jews for Spitting on Christians

TEL AVIV, October 4 – RIA Novosti. Jerusalem Regional Police arrested five Jews suspected of spitting on Christian pilgrims and clergy and at the entrance of churches in Jerusalem’s Old City, it said in a statement on Wednesday. police press service.

“Jerusalem District Police arrested five suspects for spitting towards Christians and at the entrance of a church in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem District Commander… ordered the establishment of a special investigation team to combat the phenomenon of spitting and manifestations of hatred against Christians in the Old City.” says in the message.

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According to the police, it was decided to expand overt and covert operational activities to detect such acts of religious intolerance and consider the possibility of imposing fines on people who offend the feelings of believers by spitting.

“We will not tolerate hatred against Jews, Muslims or Christians in the Old City or anywhere in Jerusalem. Those who do this have serious problems, most of all, with education, worldview and respect for others. We condemn this ugly incident.” It is damaging the unique living structure that has existed in this region for many years,” Jerusalem Police Chief Doron Turgeman said, as quoted by the press service.

Videos have repeatedly surfaced on social media in recent days showing religious Jews spitting on Christians and Christian shrines in Jerusalem’s Old City. Such events occurred against the background of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which is celebrated during these days when Jews hold many prayers and religious events.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday strongly condemned all manifestations of religious intolerance.

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