Post: International Anti-War Conference kicks off in Rome

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International anti-war conference with anti-NATO slogans kicks off in Rome

ROME, October 27 – RIA Novosti. According to the RIA Novosti correspondent, the international conference of anti-war associations, where calls were made to “stop the Third World War” and “stop the aggression of the USA and NATO”, started in Rome on Friday.

The two-day event was organized by the “Opposition Front”, an Italian movement that traditionally advocates anti-Western and pro-Russian attitudes, as well as left-wing and anti-fascist organizations from around the world.

The capitol building in Washington - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.10.2023

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“The United States is dragging the world into a new world war, waging wars where it is profitable for them. We saw this in Ukraine, because this conflict is not the aggression of Russia, but the aggression of the United States and all its subjects.” “This is at the heart of our work – we must defeat NATO,” said Austrian activist Wilhelm Langthaler, one of the representatives of the organizing committee.

Delegates from South Korea, the USA, Italy, China, Russia and other countries who support pacifist, leftist and anti-globalization ideas in various ways addressed the audience from the podium. More than a hundred people gathered in the event hall of one of the Roman hotels.

Some of the ideas expressed were related to the conflict in the Middle East, where, in addition to speaking out against NATO and imperialism, responsibility for aggression was also placed on Israel and Western policy.

“Due to what happened in Palestine, all slogans such as protecting human rights are now collapsing, there is even genocide there. The USA is ruling Europe against the Arab countries, and the same thing is happening in Ukraine. This country is in this situation right now. It is caused by the expansion of NATO.” conflict” – Said Bakkali, representative of the Moroccan Socialist Youth, told Russian journalists.

Italy was represented at the conference by the cultural association “Veneto-Russia”, headed by Palmarino Zoccatelli. In an interview with the press, he said that his group supports the views of the organisers. “In the past, they have joined our initiatives against sending weapons to Ukraine, against anti-Russian sanctions and against Italy’s withdrawal from NATO. Our signal will spread and I hope that European and Italian politicians will hear it,” Zoccatelli said.

Conference participants plan to adopt a final declaration condemning the “aggressive policy of the United States and its closest allies.” The document states that “the conflict in Ukraine began with a US-inspired coup in 2014” and that “the war against Russia has been waged since the illegal collapse of the USSR.” At the end of the event, it will be decided to “carry out international actions in support of Russia, Donbass and Palestine”.

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