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Post: Machine gun remote control modules were installed in the SVO area


Russian military personnel. Archive photo

Remote control modules for the PKT tank machine gun were installed in the SVO area

MOSCOW, November 17 – RIA Novosti. Rostec has developed a remote control module for a machine gun, several complexes have already been delivered to a special military operations zone, the state agency said on Friday.

“KRET of the Rostec state enterprise has developed and produced platforms for remote control of the PKT tank machine gun. High-definition video cameras installed on the module allow you to observe and accurately hit the target, while the operator controlling the platform can be on the target at a distance of up to one kilometer distance. With the help of the Stavropol regional branch of the Russian Union of Mechanical Engineers, four such devices have already been transferred to the special operations zone, five more installations will be delivered before the end of the year.” Rostec said.

The machine gun remote control platform was developed and produced this year by specialists from the Stavropol Signal plant (part of KRET) at the direct request of soldiers from the Northern Military District area. The entire work, from receiving the technical specifications to producing the first sample, took only two months. The creation process took place with the direct participation of future operators.

The platform is equipped with a high-resolution Full HD video camera with two-plane stabilization and 30x zoom. The operator controls the module using a terminal consisting of an LCD monitor and a joystick. Additionally, the control terminal can be made in the form of a case.

View of Yalta - RIA Novosti, 1920, 17.11.2023

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“The PKT control module allows you to track the target in real time and conduct targeted shooting from a distance of 50 to 1100 meters. At the same time, a thermal imaging module and a night vision device can be added to the product. Platform Signal PJSC General Manager Andrey Kocherga said, “It was tested not only in training areas, “It has also been tested in a real combat situation,” he said.

Remote control platforms for the PKT machine gun were transferred to the 247th Guards Air Assault Caucasian Cossack Regiment.

“Very good products, they have proven themselves well, they showed their best side in battle. On behalf of the unit command, we convey our letter of gratitude to all developers and factory workers. Our people and our army work the same way,” emphasized the soldier of the 247th Air Assault Regiment.

Russian army in the special operations zone - RIA Novosti, 1920, 16.11.2023

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