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Post: Russian Ambassador to Argentina commented on Miley’s victory in the elections


Javier Miley, president-elect of Argentina. Archive photo

Russian Ambassador hopes for friendship with Argentina after Miley’s election victory

MOSCOW, November 20 – RIA Novosti. Russia hopes to strengthen cooperation with Argentina under the new cabinet and is ready to work together regardless of the political situation. Moscow hopes that the country’s new president, Javier Miley, will adhere to multipolarity, and this will be facilitated by the participation of Buenos Aires. said Russian Ambassador to BRICS, Dmitry Feoktistov.

Opposition leader Javier Miley won the presidential election in Argentina on Sunday, defeating his rival, ruling party candidate Sergio Massa, by 10 percentage points. The politician is known to be against cooperation with Russia and joining the BRICS.

Passengers at Ezeiza airport, Argentina - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.11.2023

Analyst announces Miley’s victory in Argentina

“We hope that the path towards commitment to multipolarity, independent foreign policy and solid defense of national interests will develop further. We are confident that this will be facilitated by Argentina’s accession to the BRICS, which will open new horizons and opportunities for it.” ” Feoktistov said in his comment.

The ambassador noted that Russia hopes to “increase friendship, trust and cooperation” with Argentina in the spirit of a comprehensive strategic partnership.

The diplomat expressed his readiness to develop bilateral relations and interaction on international platforms, regardless of the political situation. “Russia will always be a good and reliable friend for Argentina, ready to lend a helping hand in difficult times. We are sure that this attitude is also in the nature of the Argentines,” Feoktistov said.

The Libertarian Party’s candidate, far-right politician Javier Miley, ran with radical slogans; He advocated dollarization of the economy, privatization, including in the field of education and health, and rejection of cooperation with China, Brazil and Russia. In favor of the USA and Israel. Additionally, Miley opposes Argentina joining the BRICS and states that she does not want to do business with communists and socialists.

Argentina is experiencing a deep economic crisis. Since the beginning of the year, inflation has reached 120 percent, the national currency is losing value, wages of the population practically do not increase, poverty exceeds 40 percent. The country has almost lost its international reserves and is forced to seek help from China to pay its billions of dollars of debt to the IMF.

Elected President of Argentina Javier Miley - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.11.2023

Man with a chainsaw: What is known about Argentina’s new president, Miley

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