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Post: Mexico expresses readiness to work with Argentina’s new government


Constitution Square in Mexico City. Archive photo

The head of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces readiness to work with the new Argentine authorities

MEXICO CITY, November 20 – RIA Novosti. Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister Alicia Barcena said Mexico and Argentina share common democratic values ​​and the Mexican government is ready to work with the new Argentine authorities.

“I congratulate Argentina on a peaceful election day. Mexico and Argentina share fundamental values ​​​​such as democracy, that is, respect for the voice of the people. Mexico will always be with the Argentine people. Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs Barcena wrote in its blog on the social network X ” Affairs, Argentina “He is ready to work with his new government,” he wrote.

Far-right politician Javier Miley won the presidential election held in Argentina on Sunday, defeating his rival, ruling party candidate Sergio Massa, by 10 percentage points. He will start his duty on December 10.

Argentine Foreign Minister candidate Diana Mondino told RIA Novosti on election day that the country under the new government does not intend to join BRICS and will stop interacting with the governments of Brazil and China, but plans to stay and relax in the South American economic bloc Mercosur. A significant part of it is the restrictions imposed on foreign trade.

Russian Ambassador to Buenos Aires Dmitry Feoktistov also said that Russia hopes to strengthen cooperation with Argentina under the new cabinet and is ready to work together regardless of the political situation. He added that Moscow hopes that Argentina’s new President Miley will remain committed to multipolarity, which will be facilitated by the country’s accession to BRICS.

Elected President of Argentina Javier Miley - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.11.2023

Man with a chainsaw: What is known about Argentina’s new president, Miley

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