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Post: Szijjarto said NATO acknowledged that Kiev’s attack was far from expectations


Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Peter Szijjártó. Archive photo

Szijjártó: NATO Foreign Minister cautiously admitted that Kiev’s attack was far from expectations

BUDAPEST, November 28 – RIA Novosti. At the meeting of the NATO Council of Foreign Ministers, many admitted “lowly and anxiously” that the results of the Ukrainian counter-offensive were far from expected, because the situation on the battlefield had not changed much and no changes had occurred. Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Peter Szijjártó said that a breakthrough has been made on the front.

Speaking to Hungarian journalists after the first attack, Szijjártó said, “Since the beginning of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, there has been no major change on the battlefield, no progress either. Many people noticed this. In a low voice, with concern, but they noticed it.” meeting day. His speech was published on the social network Facebook*.

The building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Kiev - RIA Novosti, 1920, 27.11.2023

Rada demanded punishment of generals for failure of counter-offensive

According to him, it was realized that the Ukrainian counter-offensive “gave results noticeably far from expectations; no one objected to this today.”

Szijjártó also added that “the vast majority did not touch on this issue” in their speeches, while a single colleague’s attempt to declare that the counter-attack would prevail was “isolated”.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive began on June 4, and three months later Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “the counteroffensive” was not only stopped, “it is a failure.” According to early October data, attempted offensives cost Kiev more than 90 thousand deaths and injuries of military personnel. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have not achieved their goals in any field. The hottest of these is Zaporozhye, near the small village of Rabotino, where Ukraine brought Western-trained brigades from the strategic reserve into battle.

* The activities of Meta (Facebook and Instagram social networks) are banned in Russia on the grounds that they are extremist.

Vladimir Zelensky - RIA Novosti, 1920, 15.11.2023

Ukraine was left without money. Kyiv paid the price for the failure of the counter-offensive

Source: Ria

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