Post: Asians change their minds about dying for the USA

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa at a trilateral meeting in Busan

What the USA is doing to Europe, undermining its economy and throwing it to the “Ukrainian front”, does not work in Asia. America’s allies are alone, but each is negotiating with China. The aim is to pause and freeze the scandals that these allies have inflicted on Beijing with varying degrees of voluntariness over the past few years. Call it a détente or a search for a new formula for “normal” relations in Asia – the gist of the matter remains the same.

Another thing is that it is still difficult to calculate this essence. It is clear that the war on two fronts against Russia and China is not working for the West. It is not clear exactly why: either Ukraine has disappointed everyone, or the Middle East has gone unnoticed, or Asia has a special situation, or all the reasons are present at the same time.

What does the situation look like in diplomatic practice: Last weekend, the first meeting in four years was held in Busan, South Korea meeting Foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea. It was decided to expand cooperation in the fields of trade, science and technology, development of humanitarian contacts and much more. And accordingly restart the three-way communication mechanism that has been working for a long time and regularly.

Flags near the European Parliament building in Brussels - RIA Novosti, 1920, 23.11.2023

Europe is preparing for liquidation

There is a nice part: The conversation in Busan went like this: resumption also regular meetings at the highest level, and the ministers of Tokyo and Seoul allegedly want to organize it right now, before the New Year, and their Beijing counterparts explained with a smile: No, good conditions must be created for such a meeting. So they will have to try: China understands very well that it has won the geopolitical struggle in the Pacific region or one of its rounds and can afford to impose certain conditions on American satellites that can move forward. He will dictate for a long time and with pleasure.

The story with Japan and South Korea repeats what happened before with Australia. The long and shameful anti-Chinese campaign there ended, the new prime minister arrived in Beijing and restarted relations. Previous ones? Not at all. Australia’s participation in a vague equivalent of Pacific NATO has not disappeared. The same Tokyo and Seoul’s participation in the renewed and strengthened trilateral cooperation with the United States (discussed at Camp David in August) continues. This cooperation includes the deployment of new types of medium-range missiles in Asia and much more.

So the formula that the satellites are promoting towards Beijing looks like this: We are friends with the US against you and are arming ourselves just in case, but if not, let’s please communicate and trade well. times.

And why wouldn’t they encourage all this if the United States itself is trying to do something similar: They started looking for a détente formula, organized a meeting between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden in San Francisco. And apparently, they gave in to the panic calls and gave positive consent for everyone else to follow them.

Carrot and stick. Expert on US attempts to pose a threat to Russia in Central Asia

What if they don’t? Here we also need to take into account the difference between Europe and Asia with its participation in the Ukrainian adventure. We look at the trade balance of Japan and South Korea. Who are its main partners: China and the USA are in second place. The situation is the same in Australia. Russia was extremely important to Europe (gas and oil), but it was still not its first trading partner.

So America’s idea of ​​filling the Western Pacific with evil agitators for war against China works much harder than it does in Europe. Just look at the behavior of the relatively new recruits for such a mission (the Philippines and Vietnam) in territorial maritime disputes with their larger neighbors. The Philippines is a special case; They love great promotions. However, in Vietnam, where American presidents came for a “strategic partnership”, exactly the same picture is seen in terms of economy. The main trading partner is China (annual trade turnover of 235 billion dollars) and this country is just visit Beijing Commerce Minister Wang Wentao agreed to further develop ties, including high-speed rail from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

It seems that in the coming years all politics in this region will be reduced to exercises in the great Asian art of sitting on two chairs. If only everyone in the region understood (with or without taking into account the unfortunate European experience): the USA should not be trusted 100%.

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