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Post: “I acted coolly.” What happened to two Russian women in Turkey?


Asayiş newspaper: The murderer of two Russian women in Turkey acted in cold blood

MOSCOW, November 29 – RIA Novosti, Viktor Zvantsev. The bodies of 42-year-old Irina Dvizova and her 15-year-old daughter were found in the resort town of Bodrum. They were both killed with a gun and taken out of the city. See RIA Novosti materials about who can deal with Russian women so coolly.

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“Freedom of action and freedom of thought lead to inner freedom. Do not limit yourself, be free,” Irina Dvizova wrote on social networks at the end of October. She loved to relax in various resorts, was photographed wearing expensive jewelry and posed in luxury cars.

She worked as a model, then went into real estate. He had a stable income. He traveled half the world, but settled in Bodrum a few years ago, renting a private house there.

Bodrum view, Türkiye - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29.11.2023
View of Bodrum, Türkiye

He lived with his daughter Dasha (the younger child’s name has been changed). Their bodies were found wrapped in a sheet and tied with rope. According to local publication Asayiş, based on its preliminary investigation, “One is behind a stone, the other is a few meters away in an open field.”

The double murder quickly became the main topic of both Russian and Turkish media.

“He was very bright, cheerful and intelligent,” says one of the deceased’s acquaintances, adding: “I can’t imagine who might have passed by.”

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Her relatives living in Turkey could not reach Irina for a long time. We arrived at his house in Konacık, the central region of the Bodrum peninsula. We saw traces of blood on the sofa and contacted the police.

Irina Dvizova - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29.11.2023
Irina Dvizova

By carefully examining the CCTV footage, the police followed the route of the car that left the former model’s villa a few days ago. And they found bodies.

They were shot. Probably from a gun.

Various versions were considered, including those related to the professional activities of the murdered woman. We finally agreed on a family dispute. Irina was married to Norilsk City Council deputy Otar Uzarashvili, who died in 2011. She later married Lithuanian Andrei Kushlevich.

He’s the prime suspect. He has not been detained yet and the motive for the crime is unclear. It is known that Dvizova tried for a long time to deprive her ex-husband of parental rights. And he achieved his goal: In June, the court decision came into force.

Police in Bodrum, in the area where two bodies were found
Police in Bodrum, in the area where two bodies were found

escape again

Kushlevich is 46 years old. He has been on the federal wanted list since 2017, according to an Internal Affairs Department database. They don’t specify exactly which article it is. According to the source, this was theft and not in Russia.

“Kushlevich, who is on the international wanted list, was detained at Moscow airport in October 2016. The capital court ordered his arrest and an extradition request was received. But the Lithuanian escaped,” a source told RIA Novosti. He was released from custody and disappeared.”

Information about the search for Andrei Kushlevich
Information about the search for Andrei Kushlevich

According to reports in the Turkish media, the ex-husband of the murdered woman left the country immediately after the murder. And with his little son. Whether this is true or not will soon become clear.

Source: Ria

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