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Post: Russian Ambassador explains why relations with China are unique


Russia-China cooperation. Archive photo

Ambassador: Relations between Russia and China are unique because they are not a military alliance

BEIJING, November 30 – RIA Novosti. Interstate relations between Russia and China remain unique in format as they are not a military-political alliance, Russian Ambassador to China Igor Morgulov said on Thursday.

Speaking at the 14th plenary meeting of the Russia-China Friendship, Morgulov said, “As a diplomat, I cannot further dwell on the issue of close foreign policy coordination carried out by our countries internationally, including on various multilateral platforms.” Peace and Development Committee in Beijing.

In the current turbulent situation in the world, Russia and China stand back to back, as our Chinese friends say, jointly advocating for a more just and democratic world order, contrasting the outdated neo-colonialist practices of the West with our common vision. ensuring equal and indivisible security for all without exception. states”.

“It is important that our interstate relations remain unique in format, because they are not a military-political alliance, but they essentially surpass the traditional bloc forms of interaction of the past in terms of the degree and depth of trust, efficiency and flexibility. We can say without exaggeration that today Russia and China are building between themselves “What it has done is a model for the relations of major world powers in the 21st century.”

Flags of the People's Republic of China and Russia - RIA Novosti, 1920, 30.11.2023

Russian Ambassador spoke about the trade volume between Russia and China

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