Post: Authorities of the Murmansk region delivered a powerful drone to Sevflot motorized riflemen

Compact drone with hybrid camera and thermal imager for soldiers of the 80th Arctic separate motorized rifle brigade of the Northern Fleet

MURMANSK, November 30 – RIA Novosti. The government of the Murmansk region, at the request of Hero of Russia Timur Dudkin, handed over to the soldiers of the 80th Arctic Motor Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet a powerful unmanned aerial vehicle with a camera and thermal imager, necessary for reconnaissance of the region. operational headquarters reported.

“Soldiers of the 80th Arctic Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet were given a compact and powerful drone with a hybrid camera and thermal imaging device,” the statement said.

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It is stated that the modern quadcopter was delivered by the government of the Murmansk region at the request of the Hero of Russia, Major Timur Dudkin, commander of the motorized rifle battalion.

A representative said, “It is something very necessary for the reconnaissance. On behalf of myself and our battalion, I want to thank the governor of the Murmansk region and everyone who helped. God bless you! Victory will be ours!” brigade with the call sign “Down”, the words of which are in the message.

Dudkin had previously requested the transfer of the drone in a meeting with Governor Andrei Chibis. At the same time, the battalion commander said that he would send the received due to the Heroes of Russia in the Murmansk region as a one-time payment of five million rubles to a charitable fund for orthopedic prostheses of one of the soldiers.

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Source: Ria

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