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Post: AUKUS countries will start using artificial intelligence algorithms


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AUKUS countries will use artificial intelligence algorithms to process big data

MOSCOW, December 2 – RIA Novosti. AUKUS partnership countries (Australia, UK, US) will use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to process large amounts of data, according to a statement by the defense ministers of Australia, the UK and the US., Text published on Web site Pentagon.

“AUKUS partners… will use common, advanced artificial intelligence algorithms across multiple systems to process data from each nation’s sonobuoys. These joint advances will improve anti-submarine warfare capabilities by enabling timely analysis of large volumes of data.” Statement by the defense ministers of the three countries.

As stated in the statement, AUKUS partner countries are developing artificial intelligence algorithms to “increase the effectiveness of force protection, precision targeting and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.”

“AUKUS countries plan to integrate sustainable and autonomous artificial intelligence technologies into national programs in 2024 to ensure rapid adoption of these technologies on land and at sea,” the statement said.

In September 2021, Australia agreed with the United States and Great Britain on the AUKUS partnership, which specifically involves using American and British technology to create an Australian nuclear submarine fleet within two decades. To achieve this, Australia abandoned its contract to build conventional submarines with France, causing a diplomatic row between the two countries.

Nuclear explosion - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/01/2023

According to media reports, US officials are using artificial intelligence when testing a nuclear bomber

Source: Ria

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