Post: WHO talked about the impact of global warming on human health

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WHO: More than three billion people suffer from health problems due to warming

DUBAI, December 3 – RIA Novosti. More than three billion people in the world are currently affected by the health effects of global warming, and one person dies every four seconds worldwide due to preventable environmental consequences, the World Health Director-General’s special envoy said. The organization (WHO) talks about climate change and health on Sunday, Vanessa Kerry said during Health Day at the UN Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai.

“3.3 billion people in our world are already highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The World Health Organization estimates that one in four deaths worldwide is caused by preventable environmental causes, and climate change is exacerbating these risks. One person dies every day from preventable environmental causes.” “That’s more than the entire Covid-19 pandemic. By the time I finish this sentence, one more person will have died, and 61 percent of those deaths are directly attributable to fossil fuel use.” .

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Over the next decade, he said, the world will “see an acceleration of preventable deaths and illnesses for millions of people suffering from climate-related increases in non-communicable diseases, vector-borne diseases, maternal and neonatal emergencies, and mental health problems.”

He gave the example of Pakistan, which managed to almost eliminate malaria in some provinces, but after the floods of 2022, the number of malaria cases in that country quadrupled to over 1.6 million. Additionally, Malawi said the worst cholera outbreak in the country’s history was caused by severe storms caused by climate change.

“Every climate event leaves behind destruction, death and a long history of health problems,” he added.

“The health impacts of climate change are destroying livelihoods and threatening individual and collective security. We must recognize that there is no other way than phasing out fossil fuels. Simply reducing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is no longer an option. The link between climate and health challenges the status quo It depends on whether we are prepared to change,” Kerry concluded.

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