Post: KBR will send quadcopters, thermal cameras and first aid kits to fighters in the Northern Military District region

The Russian army is in the special operations zone. Archive photo

Quadcopters, thermal cameras, first aid kits and ammunition will be sent by KBR to fighters in the Northern Military District region

NALCHIK, December 5 – RIA Novosti. Kabardino-Balkaria authorities will send another aid package to fighters in the special military operation zone by the new year, which will include quadcopters, thermal cameras, tactical first aid kits, ammunition and food. Kokov said in his speech: telegram channel.

“For the new year, we are preparing another load for our soldiers serving in special operations at the front. In addition to basic needs and food parcels, we are also sending 1,500 tactical first aid kits with anti-inflammatory properties – shock kits, backpacks, military insulated mats and sleeping bags. overalls,” Kokov wrote.

According to him, the republic will also send thermal imaging sights and quadcopters, body armor sets, helmets and goggles at the request of special forces soldiers.

Source: Ria

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