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Post: A memorial plaque to the Hero of Russia Yagidarov was unveiled in the Kirov region


In the Kirov region, a memorial plaque was unveiled for the Hero of Russia Yagidarov, who died in Ukraine.

In the Kirov region, a memorial plaque was unveiled for the Hero of Russia Yagidarov, who died in Ukraine.

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, June 11 – RIA Novosti. A memorial plaque was unveiled in the Kirov region in honor of the Hero of Russia Denis Yagidarov, who died during a special operation in Ukraine, the regional government press service reported.

This is the first memorial plaque in the Kirov region in memory of the heroes who gave their lives during the special operations.

“Acting Governor of the Kirov Region Alexander Sokolov, graduate of the Sanchur School – Hero of the Russian Federation, attended a rally on the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial plaque in honor of the commander of the 31st separate airborne paratrooper battalion. The assault brigade of the Russian Armed Forces, Guard Major Denis Yagidarov” – says the message.

After graduating from school, Yagidarov studied in the Nizhny Novgorod Cadet Corps, named after Hero of Russia IV. Gurov, Ryazan Higher Air Command School named after Army General VF. Margelov. He took part in the counter-terrorism operation in the North Caucasus. For his services to the Fatherland, he received 8 medals. After his death, Yagidarov was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

The Deputy Governor of the Kirov Region met with the mother, widow and sister of the deceased soldier. Yagidarov also had two sons – 12 and 5 years old.

“When there is such a tragedy, it is difficult to find words. We lost a true patriot. Denis Sergeevich lived and died like a real man. We all owe him to him. But he did not die in vain. He died defending the inhabitants. Donbass defends our Motherland. He died in the war against the greatest evil that has ever existed on earth. – fascism raises its snake head again, this time in Ukraine. Low salute to Denis Sergeevich.

Friends and classmates of Yagidarov attended the ceremony. They said he was humble, very responsible and always a first aider. “Of course we are proud of him. This is our universal sadness, our pain and our universal pride. We will always remember him,” the heroine’s classmate Irina Smirnova said in her message.

Source: Ria

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