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Post: Zelensky’s cancellation Why did the United States once again refuse to help Ukraine?


Vladimir Zelensky arrived at the US Congress building in Washington. Archive photo

US Congress once again fails to reach agreement on aid to Ukraine and Israel

MOSCOW, December 8 – RIA Novosti, Renat Abdullin. Once again, American aid to Kiev remained in Congress. And it seems, finally. The two sides cannot agree on the terms of support to the allies. Read in the RIA Novosti article what is behind the disputes and whether they can be resolved.

hopeless bill

Immediately after the Hamas attack on Israel in October, the White House presented lawmakers with an emergency aid package for Tel Aviv. And under the guise of the Biden administration added funds to Kiev to the document.

Rally in support of Israel in Washington - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/07/2023
Rally in support of Israel in Washington

The tactic seemed like a win-win. Republicans will never give up on Israel. Against this background, his doubts about Ukraine will be forgotten.

It didn’t work. “Elephants” were ready to unconditionally support only Tel Aviv. And the funds will come from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) budget allocation.

Here the “donkeys” have already resisted. After all, Democrat Biden allocated money to tax officials under the Inflation Reduction Act. The Ukraine issue remained in the air.

Republicans have proposed combining aid to Kiev with a package to protect the US-Mexico border. Again, Democrats disagreed. The “elephant” immigration policy includes not only the construction of the wall promised during Donald Trump’s presidency, but also tougher measures against illegal immigrants. “Donkeys” are against this, of course.

As a result, they approved the budget without these expense items; Otherwise, there would be a closure and government institutions would have to be closed and employees would be sent on unpaid leave. However, the problem still needs to be solved. The risks are high. Biden wants to allocate $61 billion to the Kiev regime and will not give up on his own. If these funds are not included in the current fiscal year’s plan, they will have to be wrested from Congress piece by piece, which we really don’t want. But so far everything is moving towards that.

time against Ukraine

After several unsuccessful votes, the Senate decided to consider the bill on December 4. In the morning of this day, the parties had a discussion. It was of no use. Elephants continued to insist on combining support for Ukraine with border policy. Some left the building, realizing that they could not reach an agreement with the “donkeys”.

Mike Johnson, future speaker of the US House of Representatives - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/07/2023
US House of Representatives Speaker-elect Mike Johnson

The meeting, which was postponed to December 6, was also inconclusive. During the procedural vote, 51 senators voted against it. – For 49 but we need 60. The discussion did not take place.

It is unknown when the next attempt will occur. Biden is cracking down on Republican sympathy for Israel. But they understand that by blocking the White House’s idea of ​​a general aid package, they are weakening the “donkeys” and the president himself. And this is extremely important, because in less than a year there will be presidential elections. Also, Republicans are really against unlimited funding from Kiev. No, they want Ukraine to defeat Russia, but they demand more transparency about how American taxpayers’ money is spent.

They were disappointed in Kiev. It was assumed that Zelensky would speak to members of congress on December 5, when the discussions were most intense. However, the live broadcast was canceled due to some “last minute issues”. This was announced by Senate Majority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer. No details came. But it seems they weren’t too upset in Washington. They are paying more and more attention to their own problems.

Chuck Schumer, majority leader in the upper house of the US Congress - RIA Novosti, 1920, 07.12.2023
US Congress Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

After Biden, Schumer reminded that of course Ukraine should be supported. But Democrats have problems even in the Senate.

They are expected to try to move away from the Ukraine issue, which is toxic to them, before the elections in 2024. In any case, time is working against Zelensky. Congress will soon go on Christmas recess, and after that the issue of aid to the Kiev regime may disappear altogether. In order not to emphasize once again the weaknesses of the White House.

Source: Ria

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