Post: Media: European Union received an ultimatum regarding Ukraine

State flags of Ukraine and flags bearing symbols of the European Union. Archive photo

Politico: Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s stance on Ukraine threatens to derail EU summit

MOSCOW, December 8 – RIA Novosti. The European Union reportedly tried to persuade Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to change his stance on Ukraine before the summit in Brussels, but failed. Policy.

At the meeting, EU leaders will decide whether to include Ukraine in the union and try to reach an agreement to allocate 50 billion euros to Kiev.

“Orban is threatening to derail this summit. In two letters to European Council President Charles Michel, he made clear that he is against accession negotiations with Kiev and instead wants to hold a strategic discussion on EU countries’ support for Ukraine.” writes publication.

The documents report that French President Emmanuel Macron is currently trying to organize talks with Orban ahead of the Brussels summit, but this has so far only caused skepticism in the diplomatic circles of European states.

Flag with the Ukrainian flag and European Union symbols on the European Parliament building in Strasbourg - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/01/2023

The media writes that a crisis is approaching in the EU regarding Ukraine

The broadcast quotes a European diplomat as saying: “He keeps trying and keeps failing. First he tried to negotiate with Trump, then Putin, now Orban.”

Belgium’s Permanent Representative to the EU, Willem Van de Voorde, said that the outcome of the summit is unpredictable, because a few weeks ago the issue of starting negotiations on Ukraine’s admission to the EU was already considered decided, and today the association has decided. The only question is how to deal with Orban, who blocked the decision in Kiev’s favor.

“The truth is: he is helping Russia. We must ask ourselves how to proceed,” the publication said, citing the opinion of one of the European officials.

Politico points out that the current sensitive situation in the European Union will inevitably lead to reports in the world that the EU is fed up with Ukraine and the bloc is disintegrating.

Prime Minister Fico demanded guarantees from Ukraine that it would not waste EU money

Earlier, Viktor Orban stated that Europe’s ambitious plan for Ukraine, in which the initiators of this plan hoped to defeat Russia by financing Kiev, had failed.

In October, a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the sidelines of the Belt and Road forum in Beijing caused discontent in Europe. As the Hungarian head of government emphasized, Budapest does not want to confront Moscow and wants to maintain bilateral relations as much as the sanctions imposed on Russia allow.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas later described the meeting between Orban and Putin as “very unpleasant and devoid of any logic.” In response, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács recalled that Kallas’s husband, Arvo Hallik, not only continued to trade with Russia through his companies despite the sanctions, but also helped other Estonian businesses to do the same.

Orban made a harsh statement about Ukraine

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