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Post: Experts say Argentinian President Miley will abandon the radical route


Javier Miley, president-elect of Argentina. Archive photo

Experts: It is difficult to fulfill Miley’s promises, she will have to reconsider her views

MOSCOW, December 10 – RIA Novosti. According to experts interviewed by RIA Novosti, it is difficult to fulfill the promises of Argentina’s elected President Javier Miley; will have to reconsider its radical views on a number of domestic and foreign policy issues.

Miley will start her job on Sunday. According to media reports, Vladimir Zelensky, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, among other guests, are expected to attend the opening ceremony. Moscow will be represented by Russian Ambassador to Argentina Dmitry Feoktistov, the diplomatic mission reported to RIA Novosti.

Javier Miley, winner of the presidential elections in Argentina - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/10/2023

US and Israeli leaders will not attend Argentina presidential inauguration

Miley has repeatedly stated that she plans to focus on relations with Washington, not the BRICS countries, in her foreign policy. In his opinion, Buenos Aires needs to abandon the peso and join countries that use the US dollar as their official currency, as well as shrink the government apparatus by eliminating the central bank and some ministries.

You will have to bargain

“Argentina’s new president does not have a majority in the parliament. He has to coordinate his decisions, including with the opposition. Some promises are very difficult to fulfill: giving up the national currency, abolishing the central bank. This is very difficult to achieve.” On this issue, we agree with other actors in the political process,” – said RIA Novosti and. HE. Dmitry Rosenthal, Director of the Latin American Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“Reducing ministries is also a costly exercise, given that officials will have to pay large compensations, which will place an unbearable burden on the Argentine budget,” he added.

The agency’s interlocutor noted that parliamentarians could reduce Miley’s radicalism to some extent and she would have to negotiate.

Elected President of Argentina Javier Miley - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/10/2023

The expert does not rule out that Argentina under Mileya will still join the BRICS


Rosenthal noted that Miley’s stance on a number of foreign policy issues may change: cooperation with Brazil and China, participation in BRICS.

“Brazil is Argentina’s first trading partner, China is the second. Argentina cannot ignore these ties. <…> Miley first said that she would not join BRICS and then her team would determine the feasibility. Latest statement: Argentina will not join BRICS on January 1, but I would not be surprised if this decision is revised in the medium term,” he emphasized.

Elected President of Argentina Javier Miley - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.11.2023

Man with a chainsaw: What is known about Argentina’s new president, Miley

New route could lead to a dead end

Petr Yakovlev, chief researcher for Europe and America, says that, unlike ties with the BRICS countries, the path of rapprochement with the United States will not bring economic benefit to Argentina, on the contrary, it will lead to a dead end. Department of Social Sciences Institute of Scientific Information of the Latin American Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Center for Iberian Studies.

“Argentina supplies China with animal feed, soybeans, offal, wine products, and they can’t do without that; Beijing doesn’t have that. What about the United States? Everything that Argentina produces and supplies to the world market is also supplied by America. States ,” said.

“Even on steel, Buenos Aires has been pressuring the US for several years to lower tariffs on Argentinian steel, but they are resisting because they have their own factories,” the expert added.

Elected President of Argentina Javier Miley - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29.11.2023

Argentina’s new president announces allied relations with the US

A salute to the West

Yakovlev noted that Zelensky’s inauguration invitation was a nod to the United States and the European Union, but in reality bilateral relations between Buenos Aires and Kiev are close to zero.

In his opinion, Miley’s current politics are more like “confusion than diplomatic music,” but she will soon realize that there are ideological or political preferences and not a harsh economic reality.

“There are many knots in Argentina’s domestic policy that the new president needs to untie: the fight against inflation, chaos in the foreign exchange market, the subsidy of food prices and the problem of growing public debt,” the expert said.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/09/2023

“A very bad sign.” Zelensky’s visit caused discontent in Argentina

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