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Post: Biden’s words about Putin in the media unexpectedly affected Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin. Archive photo

The Guardian: Biden’s message to Republicans about Putin hurt Ukraine

MOSCOW, December 10 – RIA Novosti. Journalist Emma Ashford wrote that US President Joe Biden’s statement that Republicans gave gifts to Russian leader Vladimir Putin by blocking aid to Kiev was a blow to Ukraine. Guard.

Hours after that announcement, each of the GOP senators voted against a bill that would increase support for Ukraine. “This is the latest in a series of failures that Kiev has experienced,” he said.

NATO logo - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/10/2023

It’s getting ready. US warns NATO of a ‘nightmare’ ahead

The article notes that disputes over further aid arise at the most inopportune moment.

“The long-awaited counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has yielded little results, Western support is generally decreasing, and the war in the Middle East is diverting attention and resources away from Ukraine. Moreover, mutual accusations on this issue can be heard from Kiev and Western capitals. Ukrainian politicians and soldiers failure at the front, with signs of discord between them,” the author writes.

Against this backdrop, Ashford believes it’s time for the White House to consider changing its strategy.

The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began on June 4, but they did not achieve significant success in any direction. As Vladimir Putin stated, the counterattack failed.

Against this background, Western media increasingly write: United States of America and the EU is starting to tire of the Ukraine crisis and support for Vladimir Zelensky is weakening. According to NBC, American and European officials are already discussing with Kiev officials the possible outcomes of peace talks with Russia, including what the former Soviet republic might have to give up to reach a deal.

Elon Musk - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/10/2023

Musk turned to Zelensky with an unexpected request

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