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Post: Putin: Russia will continue to work to increase its naval power


Putin attended the flag raising ceremony for nuclear submarines

MOSCOW, 11 December / Radio Sputnik. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that efforts to increase Russia’s naval power will continue.

The head of state participated in the flag raising ceremony on the nuclear submarines Krasnoyarsk and Emperor Alexander III.

The Russian leader allowed flags to be hoisted on nuclear submarines, signifying the ships’ acceptance into the country’s Navy.

“Efforts to increase Russia’s naval power will definitely continue. In the coming years, within the scope of the state armament program, three more Borei-A class strategic missile ships from the legendary Sevmash’s slipways must be launched and transferred to the Navy.” “, – aforementioned Minister.

According to him, five Yasen-M class submarines are being built simultaneously, including the nuclear-powered cruiser Arkhangelsk in the final stage.

“We will definitely implement all our plans for the construction of submarine and surface ships. We will quantitatively strengthen the combat readiness of the Russian Navy, our naval power in the Arctic, Far East, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Caspian. The sea is the most important strategic areas of the world ocean,” Putin emphasized .

The nuclear-powered submarine “Emperor Alexander III” is the third production ship of the “Borey-A” project and belongs to the fourth generation of nuclear-powered submarines. The agro-industrial complex is equipped with modern missile and torpedo weapons, complexes of navigation, radio engineering and hydroacoustic equipment.

Krasnoyarsk is the second among the multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the Yasen-M project and belongs to the fourth generation of nuclear-powered ships. The ship improved the basic basis of radio-electronic weapons systems, modernized equipment and supplies.

The head of state arrived in the Arkhangelsk region early on Monday. The Russian leader is also expected to visit Arkhangelsk. The visit was Putin’s first regional trip since announcing that he would participate in the 2024 presidential elections.

Sputnik Radio reported that, according to Putin, the West will never be able to crush Russia.

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Source: Ria

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