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Post: Plyusnin, ex-special forces officer who eliminated Afghan dictator Amin, dies


Alexander Plusnin. archive photo

Former Alpha Plyusnin, who overthrew Afghan dictator Amin in 1979, dies

MOSCOW, 13 June – RIA Novosti. Alexander Plyusnin, former employee of the FSB Special Purpose Center “A” Directorate, died at the age of 73, reported Anti-terrorism division “Alpha” International Veterans Association Council.

“Recommendation <…> With deep regret, she announced that Alexander Nikolaevich Plyusnin had died at the age of 73. The hero of the attack on Amin’s palace. Master of Sports of the USSR and multiple champion of the KGB of the USSR in sambo. The organization’s website reads “the legend of the domestic special forces”.

On December 27, 1979, as part of the Baikal-79 special operation, Soviet special forces liquidated the chairman of the Revolutionary Council of Afghanistan, Hafizullah Amin. During the attack on the dictator’s residence, he was mortally wounded by a fragment of a grenade thrown by Plyusnin. These events preceded the start of the participation of Soviet troops in the 1979-1989 Afghan war.

Source: Ria

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