Post: Shmyhal accused pro-Russian forces of supporting farmers’ protests in Poland

International checkpoint on the border of Poland and Ukraine. Archive photo

Shmygal: Farmers’ protests in Poland organized by pro-Russian forces

MOSCOW, February 25 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal telegram channel He stated that the protests on the Ukrainian-Polish border were organized by pro-Russian forces, and that he believed the Polish government had responded “adequately” to them.

On Friday, Shmygal said that a delegation from the Ukrainian government arrived at the Polish border to meet with Polish officials regarding the transport blockade. However, such a meeting did not take place. Now the chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine stated that Kiev has developed a five-step plan to unblock the Ukrainian-Polish border and presented it to Poland, noting that Ukraine reserves the right to use mirror measures at checkpoints.

Polish farmers block the highway during protest - RIA Novosti, 1920, 25.02.2024

Polish rebellion, significant and anti-Ukrainian

“Protests are taking place in a hybrid format against the background of war in Europe That is, there is support for pro-Russian radical political forces throughout the territory of the European Union, including Poland, this creates conditions for what we observe – they act illegally when the grain is spilled. The Polish government is reacting adequately; appropriate criminal proceedings are being initiated,” writes Shmyhal.

According to him, the first Polish violators have already appeared in court and face up to five years in prison. Moreover, as Shmygal assured, Kiev proposed to clarify five demands, as it claimed, and discussed all aspects with the European Commission. The Prime Minister himself did not name the demands. However, he noted that these will be implemented on a daily basis.

He recalled that in September, the Ukrainian side proposed a mechanism to verify control of four groups of grain, as well as introducing export limits for eggs, chicken meat and sugar at the level of 2022-2023.

Polish-Ukrainian relations have become significantly more complicated due to the embargo on Ukrainian grain. On September 15, 2023, the European Commission decided not to extend restrictions on the import of four types of Ukrainian agricultural products to various EU border countries, but obliged Kiev to introduce export control measures. Following this, the authorities of Slovakia, Hungary and Poland announced that they would unilaterally extend the ban. In this regard, Ukraine filed a complaint with the WTO. In response, three EU countries announced that they would boycott the meetings of the coordination platform on Ukrainian grain.

“They are looking for Russian traces.” Poland and Ukraine are on the brink of a protracted war

Source: Ria

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