Post: Media: Senior Republicans Unsatisfied with Speaker Johnson

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson. Archive photo

Punchbowl: Republicans question Johnson’s ability to lead Congress

WASHINGTON, February 27 – RIA Novosti. Dissatisfaction with House Speaker Mike Johnson among the Republican Party’s top representatives in the US Congress is growing due to a lack of confidence in his ability to lead the party majority, the online publication reported. Punch Bowl.

“Johnson has not participated in high-stakes negotiations. He refuses to take positions on major issues. There is growing fatigue among other senior House Republicans and a lack of faith in his leadership,” the newspaper writes, citing congressional sources. . It is emphasized that under Johnson’s presidency, two groups of Republican legislators were formed in the House of Representatives with a ratio of 100 to 110, and each of them aimed to “govern in a traditional way”. ”

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As noted in the broadcast, another reason for dissatisfaction with the speaker on the part of party members is Johnson’s negotiations with the remaining leaders of Congress to reach an agreement on the US budget, since they did not agree on any significant results for Republicans. Party.

Previously, the Axios portal reported that Republicans in the US House of Representatives are worried that ordinary conservatives will support a complete government shutdown. Johnson will have to strike a deal with Democrats or side with the most conservative Republicans to avoid a partial lockdown from March 1.

As Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer previously noted, American lawmakers failed over the weekend to reach bipartisan agreements to continue funding government efforts to avert a US government shutdown. According to Schumer, the partial shutdown in the United States, which could begin in early March, will endanger America’s security and economy.

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