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Post: BRICS calls on developed countries to responsible economic policy


Flags of the BRICS countries. archive photo

BRICS countries urged leading developed countries to responsible economic policies

MOSCOW, June 23 – RIA Novosti. BRICS countries urged major developed countries to take responsible economic policies, to overcome negative secondary political factors, XIV BRICS Summit Beijing Declaration text is published. On the Kremlin website.

“We emphasize that global economic governance is essential for countries to achieve their sustainable development, and we recall support for expanding and strengthening the participation of developing and emerging market countries in international economic decision-making and norm-setting processes,” the statement said. .

The BRICS countries reaffirmed their support for the G20’s leading role in global economic governance and stressed that the G20 must maintain its integrity and respond to current global challenges. The parties urged the international community to “strengthen partnerships while emphasizing the need to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination in order to bring the global economy out of the crisis and build a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive post-pandemic economic recovery”.

“We urge major developed countries to pursue responsible economic policies, to overcome negative secondary political factors, in order to avoid serious consequences for developing countries,” the statement said.

We call on the BRICS Business Council to strengthen cooperation, including in the areas of agribusiness, aviation, deregulation, digital economy, energy and green economy, financial services, infrastructure, manufacturing and skills development.

In addition, BRICS leaders highly appreciated the contributions and activities of the BRICS Women’s Cooperation (WBA) in expanding trade and economic cooperation within BRICS.

Source: Ria

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